Product specifications

• Model : H2 Spark.
• Power consumption: 80W.
• Concentration of dissolved hydrogen: more than 1000 ppb.
• ORP: between -450 ~ -580mV.
• Work temperature : 5 ~ 40 ℃.
• Work Pressure : 0 ~ 0.6 Mpa (0 ~ 6.1kg/cm2).
• Valid water type : reverse osmosis water or bottled water.
• Equipment weight : approximate 4.5 Kg.
• Equipment dimensions: W 119 × D363 × H 340 mm.
• Hydrogen generation method: water mixture with hydrogen in real-time.
• Input and output voltage : 100V ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60 Hz.
• Output method: faucet or dispenser.
• Use: domestic.

Hydrogenated water not portable
H2 Spark


• Generates high concentration hydrogenated water in real time.
• High concentration of dissolved hydrogen: 1000 ppb or more.
• It maintains the concentration of dissolved hydrogen long.
• Discharge OH- and ozone using the PEM system (no odor of ozone in the water).
• It ensures the durability performance of the electrolyser by using osmotized water or bottled water.
• Ensure electrical stability while using low voltage direct current.

Output method: FAUCET
H2 Spark under counter

1. Water supply
2. Reverse osmosis filtration system
3. Osmotized water tank
4. H2 Spark.

Output method: DISPENSER
H2 Spark on the countertop

1. Water supply
2. Reverse osmosis filtration system
3. Osmotized water tank
4. H2 Spark
5. Faucet

Protection and durability.

Stable water supply system for hydrogen generation.
Prevention of water overflow and high-pressure water cutting system.
Device for preventing the entry of pollutants.
Blocking of pollutants input to the hydrogen generating unit.
Electrode and diaphragm protection of the hydrogen generator with counterflow prevention device.


Sophisticated architecture of hydrogen mixing in 7 steps:
- Step 1: Mix hydrogen with water by applying the 'Venturi effect'.
- Step 2 ~ 6: The water molecules are finely divided and the hydrogen molecules mix well between the water molecules to produce a high concentration of hydrogenated water thanks to an optimal structural design.
- Step 7: Increase in hydrogen concentration through flow stability.


Compact in size, but excellent in performance.
The best generation of hydrogen in real time in the world.
Compact size for different applications.


The equipment of the H2 Spark series complies with the most stringent regulations at European level for the consumption of domestic water.

Leading technology
  • There is no need to worry about bacterial contamination or impurities because there is no water deposit.
  • The concentration of dissolved hydrogen is greater than 1000 ppb in real time.
  • Abundant flow of water: 1.3 l / min.
  • Excellent durability in most environments.
  • Its compact size makes it extremely efficient in terms of space. It can be installed in small spaces.
  • The simple filter replacement makes it easy for anyone to replace the filter.

The unit produces a therapeutic H2 concentration of 1.2 ppm or more with a pre-set flow rate of 1.1 liters per minute.


Connect a derailleur to a faucet and then connect a water supply hose to the machine and connect it. The process only takes one or two minutes.


Simply push a glass of water or a bottle against the activator. No buttons or settings. Simply press the desired level as you would in a vending machine.


The unit is aesthetically pleasing and compact. Requires only 5 inches of horizontal space on the counter.

Dispenser with touch panel
Dispenser button and lever
Lever dispenser

Diferent models

Without filters (for previously filtered water)

Simple equipment to connect directly to a filtered water inlet (after an osmosis or ultrafiltration unit). Its exceptional and unique module makes it possible for hydrogen to remain even in osmotized water (unlike most hydrogenated equipment on the market).

With a carbon filter

The carbon filter is ready to filter impurities that produce bad taste or bad smell in the water, leaving only a controlled remineralisation to give the best benefits of the water of low hydrogenated mineralization.

With Ultrafiltration

Equipment to connect directly to the drinking water of the network. It includes, apart from the hydrogenator module, a carbon filter and an ultrafiltration membrane that allow obtaining water of the highest quality water from the network to be subsequently hydrogenated.

From external container

This equipment is designed for places where there is no possibility to connect it to the public network (or filtered water) or the client wishes to use it as a portable device without having to perform an installation. You simply want to hydrogenate the bottled water you usually buy.