Technical and
commercial support.

You have access to exclusive technical support for distributors. We attend and solve your doubts or questions.


Full and
exclusive training.

We offer extensive training for our distributors and their installers, through pre-arranged courses and seminars.



H2-Series collaborates with its distributors over the entire sale and installation process.


Direct and
close contact.

We offer you a close and direct personal treatment so that you feel comfortable and cared for at every moment. You will have a commercial advisor assigned to your area and you will have direct contact with him.


Wide range
of solutions.

As a distributor you will benefit from a broad portfolio of products and services to cover all the needs and demands of your customers.



All products have international quality certifications.


Take the leap that your business needs.

Hundreds of distributors rely on H2 Series products to satisfy their customers.

Our business model is based on the maximum collaboration between H2-Series and our distributors. Offering the necessary training, commercial and technical support, support during the installation process, samples, commercial and marketing tools. H2-Series is always at the side of its distributors, guaranteeing success in the sale and implementation of their solutions.

Would you like to personalise your products?

Our hydrogenated equipment is designed in a way that the components can be exchanged and thus achieve different models available to all our customers. We can customize both the aesthetic aspect and the interior of the mechanism to achieve different water treatments.